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Laryngology Workshop March 2013, Pretoria, South Africa.

The ENT Surgeon Journal Club, the Pretoria chapter, facilitated and hosted a Laryngology surgical workshop 2-4 March 2014. The workshop was chaired by Pretoria based surgeons ; Dr N du Plessis (Specialist ENT Surgeon) and Dr C Dos Santos (Specialist ENT Surgeon).

Amongst other important company sponsors, NEOMEDICAL together with valued cooperation from MERZ Voice Global Division assisted in the workshop supplied clinical equipment as well as a range of sample medical devices of MERZ Radiesse Voice and MERZ Radiesse Gel injectable vocal cord implants. With his global experience of MERZ sponsored laryngology surgical workshops, Mr. Jeroen Doomernik of MERZ Voice Global Division travelled to Pretoria to assist the ENT Journal Club of Pretoria with hands-on assistance at the workshop together with visiting laryngology specialist Surgeon Professor Michael Benniger.

The workshop was a valuable opportunity for specialist Surgeons from around South Africa to experience the practical application of using MERZ medical devices to treat, amongst other conditions, medialisation of neurologically compromised vocal cords. Prof Benniger instructed Surgeons on the many various laryngology pathologies and offered the practical guidance of using different therapeutic interventions.

NEOMEDICAL is grateful to the organising committee, to Professor Benniger, Mr Doomernik (MERZ), all attending specialist Surgeons and the other sponsoring companies for this valuable opportunity to participate in a surgical workshop of this calibre.