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NEOMEDICAL attended the SINUPORE® Rapid Clearance

NEOMEDICAL attended the SINUPORE® Rapid Clearance! product launch event in Amsterdam on June-25, 2014. SINUPORE® Rapid Clearance! is the latest advanced post-operative sinus and intra nasal surgical dressing made available by Polyganics Bioresorbable Medical devices, of Groningen, Netherlands. SINUPORE® Rapid Clearance! compliments the successful range of NASOPORE® sinus and intra nasal surgical dressings also from Polyganics already comprehensively marketed by NEOMEDICAL in South Africa.

The launch event composed of testimonials from first user surgical experience presented by a select panel of International speakers, technical and clinical product introductions of both the SINUPORE┬« Rapid Clearance! and NASOPORE® Nasal Dressing family and followed by a generous social event of a canal tour of historic Amsterdam and a dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam.

NEOMEDICAL is most grateful to the professional Polyganics team for organizing and facilitating the product launch event, and take this opportunity to further strengthen our close and successful collaboration with Polyganics.