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NEOMEDICAL co-sponsors the Cape Town Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course.

2nd Cape Town Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course a great success! This course, coordinated by Prof. James Loock (Dept ORL, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, US) and with the participation of Drs. David Pothier (Canada) and Joao Flavio Nogueira (Brazil), both IWGEES members, was a great success. All participants had the opportunity to fully dissect two ears using the endoscope to access the middle ear and to dazzle the endoscopic anatomy. Certainly, due to its success, there will be a third edition at 2015.

NEOMEDICAL demonstrated the new surgical technique of Eustachian Tube Micro Balloon Catheter Dilation for Chronic Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. Separately to this course In a practical clinical study, Professor Holger Sudhoff has proved that the Eustachian tube can be treated by means of a modified PTA catheter which is introduced into the tube with the aid of a special microendoscope specifically developed for this purpose.

NEOMEDICAL also demonstrated the new user-friendly SUPER ELASTIC NITINOL Stapedotomy Piston Prosthesis, from Audiotechnologies. This middle ear implant prosthesis requires no mechanical crimping, allowing a secure ‘hug’ relationship of the arc of the Piston prosthesis over the Long Process of Incus, thus discouraging the potential of ischemia and potential necrosis of tissue owing to over-crimping of a prosthesis. Our thanks to Professor James Loock and the other sponsoring companies for the privileged opportunity for NEOMEDICAL to participate in this successful surgical workshop. (see Gallery).

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